Traumatization in knightly fights
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Wydział Medyczny, Uczelnia Łazarskiego, Polska
Filia w Warszawie, Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Łodzi, Polska
Submission date: 2022-03-23
Final revision date: 2022-04-26
Acceptance date: 2022-04-27
Publication date: 2022-06-08
Corresponding author
Izabela Dorota Gołębiak   

Wydział Medyczny, Uczelnia Łazarskiego, Świeradowska 43, 02-662, Warszawa, Polska
Zeszyty Naukowe CSK MSWiA w Warszawie 2022;1(1)
Introduction and objective: Physical activity recommended for the maintenance of health well-being may take various forms, ranging from mild activity and that with a greater risk – to an extreme one. The activity of re-enacting knightly fights has a long tradition and many participants, but it is also associated with an increased risk of injury. Nowadays, knightly combat is a full contact discipline. Spectators of such tournaments are participants of real lessons of history. Contestants - knights are dressed in replicas of knightly armour from the 14th-15th centuries, and for fighting they use white weapons, faithfully reproduced of those from the above mentioned period (also in terms of material and method of manufacture). Objective. Determination of the frequency of injuries observed in knightly fights arranged in contemporary tournaments. Material and methods: The research method used in this study was the diagnostic survey method using the proprietary questionnaire. The study group consisted of the members of the knightly brotherhoods who participate in training, tournaments, fights and staged battles from all over Poland. Results: The analysed survey responses show the high trauma of the participants of the staged knightly fights. Conclusions: Direct access to emergency medical services, i.e., ambulance assistance, must be provided during staged battles.
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