Day Care Homes (DDOM) as a model of comprehensive care for geriatric patients in Poland
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-, Centrum Medyczno-Diagnostyczne Sp. z o. o., Polska
Zakład Zdrowia Publicznego, Wydział Nauk o Zdrowiu, Warszawski Uniwersytet Medyczny, Polska
Zakład Zdrowia Populacyjnego, Szkoła Zdrowia Publicznego, Centrum Medyczne Kształcenia Podyplomowego, Polska
Submission date: 2023-11-27
Acceptance date: 2024-01-04
Publication date: 2024-01-04
Corresponding author
Leszek Warsz   

-, Centrum Medyczno-Diagnostyczne Sp. z o. o., Siedlce, Polska
Zeszyty Naukowe PIM MSWiA 2023;1(4)
Introduction and objective: The aging of the population forced changes in the organization of geriatric care, including health services for the aged like Day Medical Care Homes (DDOM). The study aimed to characterize the model of care for dependent people (including geriatric patients) in Day Medical Care Homes operating in Poland in the years 2016-2023. Data on the organization and operation of Day Medical Care Home in Poland were analyzed, including based on legal acts (acts and regulations), information published by the government, as well as websites and documents of facilities running Day Care Homes in Poland. What's already known about this topic?: The Day Medical Care Home is a care and treatment institution intended for dependent people, including the elderly, and those at risk of hospitalization or immediately after it. The creation and operation of the first 52 Day Medical Care Homes in Poland began in 2015 with a pilot project co-financed by the European Union. The recipients of support under DDOM are people who received from 40 to 65 points on the Barthel scale, in particular, patients over 65 years of age. The DDOM service is free of charge. The patient's stay in a DDOM should be between 30 and 120 working days. DDOMs provide program participants with rehabilitation classes, nursing care, medical consultations, stimulation of cognitive processes, occupational therapy, and additional activities, and necessary diagnostic tests. Patient care is provided by a multidisciplinary therapeutic team. Abstract: The Day Medical Care Home is a medical service dedicated to disabled people, especially the elderly. A stay at DDOM contributes to improving the patient's health in functional, physical, and mental dimensions. Moreover, the functioning of DDOMs has a positive impact on the entire healthcare system in Poland by relieving the burden on inpatient and outpatient forms of treatment. The barrier is the limited time and financial framework of the project.
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